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‘Stopgap’ attitude to asbestos in schools must end

Unions call for more action as 1 in 5 schools found not to be managing asbestos ‘in line’ with government guidance.  Click here to read more.

Labour pledges to end in-work poverty in first five years

n a speech in London, John McDonnell promised to tackle the issue with a “structurally different economy”, “public services free at the point of use” and a “strong social safety net”.  Click here to read more.

Social Worker of the Year Awards

Nominations close at midnight on Friday 19 July.  Click here to read more.

Last council-run nursery in borough to close

The last council-run nursery in the borough is to close following a unanimous and un-debated cabinet decision.  Click here to read more.

Undercover Policing and Trade Unions: The Political and the Personal Conference 16th November

The conference aim is to increase awareness of the impact of political policing on the trade unions and progressive movements since 1968.  Click here to read more.

NPC – Save the TV Licence Campaign – Next Step

As a result of recent campaigning, a petition ( calling on the Government to continue to fund the TV licence for the over 75s has secure more than 100,00 signatures.  This means it will now be debated in the House

Waltham Forest News

For eight years Waltham Forest Council has been fighting a battle over its publication Waltham Forest News. What Waltham Forest News does not do – contrary to its misleading title – is report the news. It does not tell you

Climate events in Waltham Forest

UNISON Women and Pensions Seminar

20 July 2019 10:30am–4:15pm at the UNISON Centre, 130 Euston Road, London NW1 2AY National Seminar Co-ordinated by Gloria Mills, National Secretary Equalities to discuss strategy and developments on changes to pensions policy and it’s impact on women.  Click here

Conference agrees to fight changes to the LGPS

Delegates denounce the cynical attack on public service workers’ pensions and warn that other sectors are at risk.  Click here to read more.