Emergency Branch Meeting – FIGHT THE CUTS

Thursday 9th December 2010 from 12 noon to 2pm in the Council Chamber at Waltham Forest Town Hall.

The branch is now facing the effects of the Con Dem Cuts Programme as Waltham Forest Council has decided to do as the government says and make huge cuts to Council services and jobs. The effects of this will also spill over into all those organisations and employers who provide services on behalf of the Council – Ascham Homes, Connexions, Prospects, Strictly Education will all be facing up to serious cuts proposals over the next few months.

UNISON believes that these cuts are unnecessary despite the message of inevitability being carried by the media. UNISON nationally is campaigning to show that there is an alternative to cuts. That alternative would involve ensuring the rich pay their due taxes and that tax avoidance is dealt with effectively. The alternative would involve a small tax on financial transactions – that could raise millions. The alternative would include promoting and investing in the public sector to boost our economy and encourage our people to take part in a brighter future.

However, at this moment we do face huge cuts. As a branch of UNISON we believe that these cuts must be fought. UNISON cannot accept huge cuts to our careers service, the slashing of pay for our lowest paid members – Waltham Forest cleaning staff face cuts to their working hours and a 10 hour maximum working week, we cannot accept that over 200 employees must lose their jobs by June 2011.

Remember that this is happening while Council spending on agency workers and consultants is running along at £14 million and senior management jobs are being protected. This Council has also been shown to have wasted money scandalously by the Independent Panel Review. UNISON believes that this missing, misspent and mismanaged money should be paid back before they come for our jobs and services.


We will be discussing how we might most effectively campaign. We will discuss working with service users and community groups to lobby and campaign in the press, we will discuss holding lunchtime protests, we will discuss petitioning and we will discuss industrial action.

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