Tomorrow we march on

Thanks for supporting the March on 26 March

Thanks to everyone who joined us. It was a terrific day but we obviously still have a lot of work to do to convince this government that there is an alternative way to deal with the national deficit rather than cutting public services, increasing unemployment and causing mass distress to the people. They can look to the rich and ensure that tax is properly and fairly paid. They can close tax evasion loopholes and they can pursue the massive amounts of tax that is lost through tax avoidance. They could also consider the cost of their current approach. People who become unemployed don’t pay tax and national insurance so that is direct income lost to the nation. They may find it hard to keep up with payments and need benefits – a further cost to the government and they are likely to have far less purchasing power meaning that they are spending less on goods and services thus causing further damage to the economy.

Remember, you can always write to your MP making these points.

Dave Knight, Branch Secretary

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