Insultation – Consultation (May 2011)

I have just been looking on the Council’s website in the jobs section and found two posts advertised that shocked me – a Parking Service Manager paying up to £66,000.00 pa and an Assistant Director in Leisure paying up to £96,000.00 pa.  This is at a time when our members are under a vicious attack by employers on our terms and conditions as the Council needs to save money. This obviously does not include management or the £20 million a year that is wasted on temporary staff and consultants.

The average member probably earns about £16,000 pa and they are facing attacks on their pay, sick pay, holiday entitlement and overtime payments. How can the Council justify paying for more needless managers, when half the management have lost most, if not all, of their staff and yet the are still being retained?

I have been inundated with e-mails and telephone calls from members worried about their jobs and how they will survive. Yet our employers that we pay council tax to, to look after our services, carry on with this needless waste. It is shocking!

Martin Nutt
Unison Schools Convenor

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