Boycott Their Survey (June 2011)

Management are supposed to be launching their staff survey today. We are calling on all our members and others to boycott the survey as agreed at the recent mass meetings of UNISON and GMB.

Management refused to share the survey with the Trade Unions prior to its launch today. GMB, UNISON and UNITE are all advising members as follows.

There is a reason for this. The survey is an attempt to create their own evidence for the approval of some of their proposals.

As an example;

If 500 people fill in the survey, and 250 find in favour of reducing annual leave to 27 days, then the council will say that 50% of staff in the borough WANT this action. Staff who didn’t take part may then be told it’s what most staff in the borough have suggested and may go along with this proposal thinking it’s the best thing to do.

This is called creating their own evidence.

Please do not complete the survey. You may vote for something which makes up a large part of lower paid members wages such as weekend enhancements. We have no right to offer up other people’s terms and conditions. As we said at our meeting, this council is asking you whether you would like a leg or an arm removed, and when you complain about it later, they will just say “YOU ASKED FOR IT. IT WAS YOUR CHOICE”.

Do Not fill in the survey. By participating you will give the survey credibility and management will use the results against us.

UNISON has a further branch meeting set for Monday 13th June at 4pm. Please come along and being your colleagues. We want this to be as well attended as our last meeting. For that to happen we need you to be there.

Please pass this message on to all your work colleagues. UNISON is determined not to be bullied and intimidated by this Council and its management.

Dave Knight
Branch Secretary

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