Single Status update

As many of you will know there has been no progress on the outstanding single status issues for months. Many staff, including Admin staff and Nursery Nurses, are still waiting for management to notify them of their evaluated grades and whether they will be entitled to any compensation.

Management has informed us that the Inland Revenue are re-calculating the amount of tax payable on compensation payments, and to do this they need payroll information from all the schools, and not just the council, as in the past. This process has been going on for months but on 21 June UNISON was assured by the Head of Children’s HR that only a small number of schools  have still to provide this information and they are being chased up in the next two weeks.

The Inland Revenue will then make a decision about the tax payable and the Council will be able to re-start signing sessions so staff eligible for compensation will be called to the Town Hall to sign compromise agreements.

In the meantime if you have not completed a UNISON Equal Pay Claim form please complete this form now and send it to our office. The Union’s Solicitor is going through the submitted forms at the moment so please send it in as soon as possible.

We will keep you updated on the website but if you have any queries please contact Julia Poynter on 0208 496 4457 or e mail

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