Single Status Update

We are sure that all Council staff have heard of Single Status by now, especially if you are on ex-manual grades or APT&C Grades 1 to 6.  It seems to have been going on forever but we have actually done most of the posts now.  The expectation is that all grades up to Scale 6 will be completed by the end of December.  Single Status in general has been good news for members.  Some have had upgrades, back pay and compensation payments and others have had just compensation.  For a very few members the result has not been that good as they were downgraded.  Some appealed and a number of them won the appeals.  The overall picture is that it has been good for low paid workers, especially with regard to Equal Pay.

If you are approached about Single Status or any Job Evaluation issue, contact Noreen Ferrari at the UNISON Office on 0208 496 4502.  If you are an ex manual worker or are graded at Scale 6 or below and have not been approached about Single Status, please get in touch.

(originally posted 29.6.11)

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