Council Committee Recommends That Council do not opt out of National Conditions (1 July 2011)

The consultations to date have seen the trade unions successfully argue for the Council Joint Consultative Committee to write to Cabinet as follows:

“This CJCC notes that paragraph 2(b) of the CJCC terms of reference states that one of the functions of CJCC is ‘To ensure that terms and conditions of employment contained in collective agreements drawn up at national and provincial levels are applied in all departments’. CJCC recommends that the cabinet withdraws the proposal to opt out of the National Joint Council (NJC) National Agreement on Pay and Conditions of Service (known as the ‘Green Book’), and also withdraws the proposal for a dismissal and re engagement process. We further recommend that the cabinet considers carefully the results of the consultation on terms and conditions, and responds positively by entering into serious negotiations with the staff side unions in order to reach an agreement which does not reduce staff’s occupational sick pay.”

This only amounts to some councillors writing to Cabinet. Nevertheless it does mark some progress and shows that the Council are not entirely united on the issue of cutting workers’ pay terms and conditions.

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