Vote YES now!!! (13 July 2011)

No members left behind, no trust in this employer,  press on with a “YES” vote to get the threat of dismissal and re-engagement off the table

We would like as many people as possible to make an effort to attend the lobby of the Council at 6.30pm on 21st July.

We are urging  activists and members to campaign for a  “yes” vote in the consultative ballot. We can’t trust an employer who threatens to dismiss us whilst negotiating.

The UNISON branch have achieved a lot through two mass meetings and the threat of strike action, we need to press on with a “yes” vote to avoid falling into the employers trap of divide and rule. Martin Esom’s letter that withdrew “some” of the proposals” made it clear that council management are only “proposing” the withdrawal of SOME of the threats to our terms and conditions. There is no guarantee that when council meets on 21st July or the sinister sounding “staffing committee” on the 31st August that they will listen to these proposals.

These concessions by the employer arrived on the same day that our consultative ballot dropped on people’s doormats, why? to undermine our opposition to these proposals. We mustn’t allow ourselves to be divided.

VOTE YES NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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