Council’s Survey is Unreliable say UNISON (22 July 2011)

The Council have told us the outcome of their survey.

We are unsure of their figures of completion because we have heard several different figures and the “Make it Count” web page gives a lower completion figure. They have also not told us how many “spoilt” responses they received.

The Council say they have had 1,000 responses and they have broken down the answers into percentages, just as we had predicted without stating how many people actually answered each question.

We also know that the system used was capable of taking multiple entries from any individual and we think it was possible for non-Council employees to complete.

Having said that 1.000 is equivalent to about 20% of the workforce whilst the joint trade unions petition has so far accumulated over 2,000 signatures.

You will also note that some of the answers look unreliable. For example 100% voted for each of the sick pay options and each of the pay cut options.

They have now issued a short list of cuts that we have already sent out to our activists.  If  you are interestd in seeing the document in full, please contact the Branch Office.

The impact of cuts now being proposed fall disproportionately on our lower paid and sick colleagues with a change in job evaluation processes and an incremental pay freeze that will cut many members’ pay.

It is our view that these proposals are unacceptable and we urge all of our members to vote “Yes” to industrial action to oppose these cuts.


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