Terms and Conditions – Financial Loss (10 August 2011)

The attached chart indicates the financial loss that many of our members will suffer if the proposed attack on our terms and conditions goes ahead.

The cuts will disproportionately affect low paid, part time women workers in care jobs such as meals on wheels, residential care and dementia support. Other staff in Libraries and Environment, who are front line workers, are also facing massive cuts to their wages.

These staff groups play a major part in delivering the Council’s pledges to residents, such as delivering reliable frontline services, providing a safe and clean environment and protecting the most vulnerable in our community.

How can staff be expected to deliver high quality services when they face huge reductions in their wages and the threat of the sack if they don’t accept these?

Our members are already working with increased workloads and stress following the mass redundancies already made across the council. Morale is rock bottom and many staff are having to decide whether they can afford to continue working for the council if these revised terms and conditions go through.UNISON still wants to hear from other staff affected so we can collate information for all groups affected. Please email your impact assessment to Julia.poynter@unisonwalthamforest.gov.uk .

Please lobby or write to your Labour Councillors and  M.P’s if you are a Waltham Forest resident. We know many Labour Councillors are unhappy about the proposed cuts and we need to make them understand the financial hardships these changes will cause. Contact Julia Poynter for details.

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