Terms and Conditions – What Are Other Councils Doing? (10 August 2011)

In Managements frequently asked questions document they are asked to show benchmarking information on terms and conditions and what other councils are doing?

Haringey are quoted as having a long list of proposals that they will short list
UNISON Waltham Forest have spoken to the UNISON branch secretary in Haringey, they are in discussions but have not started formal consultation

Hounslow are reviewing travel expenses but nothing has been formally implemented or agreed.

Greenwich have implemented a freeze of pay increments for 4 years and reviewed travel allowance. UNISON in Waltham Forest is seeking further details.

Newham have a target of £19 million but have yet to enter into formal consultation
No formal consultation has happened as yet.

Hounslow Cabinet considered a report in December 2010 which sought agreement to enter into formal consultation regarding premium payments such as overtime and honoraria and review car allowances, annual leave sickness payments and pay reductions.
This does not state that any agreement was reached and is not as far reaching as proposals put forward by Waltham Forest. UNISON in Waltham Forest will contact the Hounslow branch for further details but we think that no consultation has occurred as yet.

 Croydon undertook a review of increments, overtime payments, weekend and night working payments, shift allowances, annual leave and redundancy pay. Implementation date April 2011
This does not state which ones were implemented and again, the list is not as far reaching as the proposals set out by Waltham Forest. We will be contacting Croydon UNISON for details.

From the local authorities listed Waltham Forest Council seems to be in the forefront of massive cuts to their workers terms and conditions. Of the above, Greenwich and Croydon are the only local authorities that have implemented any changes. Whilst Greenwich has implemented a freeze of increments for 4 years and reviewed travel allowances their proposals cannot be compared to the massive cuts that Waltham Forest are proposing and it is not clear from the information provided what Croydon  have actually implemented.

UNISON feels that Waltham Forest Council are leading the attack on employees terms and conditions which, if implemented, will result in our lower paid members losing thousands of pounds a year from their salaries. UNISON also feel that other local authorities will follow suit if Waltham Forest get away with this attack on their staff. We are urging all members to continue resisting these cuts.

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