Branch Meeting 1st September – The Fight Goes On (24 August 2011)

UNISON continues to campaign against the proposals to change our terms and conditions. We do need to talk to you, our members about where we go next.

We have registered our dispute and the Joint Secretaries are coming to Waltham Forest on 8th September. We will be putting our case to them and seeking withdrawal of the proposals.

On 12th September there is a meeting of the Labour Group – the councillors of the Labour Party. We have requested to be given permission to address that meeting. We have been lobbying councillors to see if we can get the politicians to reject the proposals.

On 14th September the Staffing Committee makes its final and binding decision. At that point we will know what options the Council intend to implement.

We need to be prepared for the Council implementing unacceptable changes and the branch meeting will discuss what action we can take and how we should progress our campaign.

Ideas at the moment are to organise selective strike action around the most seriously affected work groups and to organise a “We Won’t Sign” Campaign.

Please come along to the meeting and have your say. Please encourage all your UNISON work colleagues to join us as well.

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