Phase 14 – We Are All In It Together Or Are We?????? (24 August 2011)

UNISON has been consulting on the latest proposals from Management on the transformation programme for Waltham Forest.

Previous phases have seen our members losing their jobs, being re-deployed and in some cases taking a reduction in salary.

Under the terms and conditions review it is proposed that many staff will lose money by either accepting an increment freeze for 2 years, losing sick pay benefits, overtime/enhancement payments and/or casual car user allowances.

Head of HR
Phase 14 proposals, however, are around Chief Officer grades and on investigation so far UNISON have found that the Head of HR was appointed in December 2010 at a salary of £95,000, the post is now being paid £106,957. For those of you who are not mathematically minded this is an increase of £11,957 in just 6 months. Phase 14 proposes to rename the grade and pay the post holder £106,500. This is being presented as a wage cut in the proposals.

If staff were unaware of the starting salary you would think this was a reduction of £457.00 when in fact it is still an increase of £11,500 more than the post was being paid in December 2010!

AD Residents First
Another example is AD Residents First. This post was appointed to in 2010 at £85,000 phase 14 shows the salary being paid currently as £86,988, again, an increase of £1,988. In addition, this post under the proposed new structure will be paid £88,000 an increase on last year of £3,000!

So, while our member’s, graded from scale 3 to PO2 could lose as much as £7,000 per year, senior management appear to be giving themselves wage increases of thousands of pounds! How can this be fair?

Market Supplements
UNISON has also found that some staff in Waltham Forest are receiving market supplements ranging from £166.67 per month to £833.33 per month on top of their salaries.
It would appear from these findings that senior managers can find the money to inflate their salaries by thousands of pounds while at the same time saying that they have to save £3million pounds from our terms and conditions! There is something seriously wrong here!

Make you views on this situation known to your local councillor and to management.
See our attached tables

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