Single Status Update

Just to let you know we are chasing up HR again to see if all the payroll information from Schools has been passed to the Tax office. This will enable the Tax Office to decide the level of tax payable on any single status compensation and the council will be able to write to all staff with outstanding single status issues.

In relation to equal pay claims I know many of you have completed claim forms which are currently being processed by Thompsons, the Union’s solicitor.  Some claims will be going to employment tribunals in October and we will keep you updated.  These claims are solely about equal pay, not upgradings, and involve the identification of a comparator who worked for the same employer and was doing a job that was equal to yours but where there was evidence of sex discrimination in the pay systems e.g. male manual workers being paid bonuses not available to female staff.

If you haven’t already completed an equal pay claim form please email me your details and I will send you one.

Julia Poynter
Adults Services Convenor

(originally posted 24.8.11)

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