Emergency Branch Meeting Thursday 29 September – Don’t Sign The Council’s New Contracts

The meeting will take place at 4.30pm.  Come along to the Council Chambers,  Waltham Forest Town Hall Grounds.

The Council have sent out the new contracts to all their employees.

The letter will be asking you to sign up to the new contract voluntarily.

We are asking that all members refuse to sign and that we encourage our non-trade union colleagues to refuse as well.

The letter will say that you have until 21st October to sign up voluntarily. Please refuse to sign voluntarily and ask colleagues to join you in refusing to sign.

Come along to the meeting and bring your letter with you.

UNISON is opposed to the changes because we believe our members who have to use their vehicles for work should be properly compensated, members should receive all their due incremental pay rises and the abolition of premium payments is unfair as it disproportionately affects low paid, female and BME workers.

However, there are other details we are opposed to. The cuts in Special Leave provisions, the cuts to the redundancy notification period and the proposal to change the Job Evaluation arrangements will affect all of our members working for Waltham Forest Council, so we are asking all of our members not to sign.

Here are the documents you can expect to receive if you are a Waltham Forest Council employee T&C Contract Variation 19 Sept 11 FINAL, T&C Contract Covering Letter 20 Sept 11 FINAL, T&C Letter 20 Sept 11 FINAL


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