Meeting 4th October 2011

At our last meeting on 25th July 2011 we agreed that we would hold a meeting about nursery nurses in Waltham Forest and that we would consider taking strike action.

Nursery Nurses have been frustrated in achieving Equal Pay by the long delay in the implementation of Single Status. The delay, according to management, is due to the inability of the Council to get information from school payrolls regarding the amount that schools support staff earn and how much tax they pay. We have now been informed that the waiting is over and management will be sending out offer letters to members in nurseries and will be inviting you to signing sessions from 10th October 2011.

We understand that the jobs will remain as evaluated in 2009 but the Council will be offering the posts on the basis of a 36 hour week and a 52 week year. This will breach our current National Terms and Conditions.

As if that weren’t enough there are also proposals that the children’s centres be reorganised on a “Hub and Spoke” model. This will mean centres being “grouped” together to save money through cutting management costs and admin. It will also mean that staff will be expected to work across all the centres in their grouping.

So, we have decided to hold a meeting to discuss the motion below:

“UNISON members working in WalthamForest call upon the Waltham Forest Branch of UNISON to arrange an industrial action ballot for strike action.”

This action would aim to:

  1. Ensure that the Council meet their Equal Pay  obligations towards nursery workers who have been victims of unequal pay for  many years.
  2. Prevent the Council opting out of the National  Agreements that apply to nursery nurses, and
  3. Prevent there being any job losses or pay cuts in the  Children’s Centre Reorganisation.

Please make every effort to attend and if you have received  your Single Status offer letter then please bring that with you.

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