NO Sign Up Campaign is Underway

UNISON is asking all members working for Waltham Forest Council not to sign up to the new “rotten” contract that the Council are offering. Members have received the voluntary variation letters which asks for their unconditional acceptance of the Council’s revised terms and conditions. These new terms and conditions are particularly unfair for our lower paid members working in residential care, libraries, WFD and Environment Services.  One member has talked to UNISON saying that if the Council carry out their
threatened cuts she will lose her home as she ll not be able to meet the mortgage payments. She is set to lose around £3,000 a year. This will be happening to her while the Council have just employed two further interim managers (both likely to be earning six figure annual sums) and are transferring their Chief Officers on to new scales that will increase their salaries in the future by up to £20,000 a year. As one of our members said at a recent meeting, “it is immoral”.

UNISON believes that we should stand together against the immorality of our employers by refusing to sign up to their “rotten” contract.  We have been meeting members to emphasise that message.

Members in residential care for elderly people have told us they will not sign up; members in Children’s Residential have said they won’t sign; members in Children’s Services have said they won’t sign. Two Branch meetings that attracted over 120 members have said they won’t sign.

If you are a UNISON member working for Waltham Forest Council please join us in our campaign by not signing up to this contract. The Council will threaten to sack us, they will pressure us and they will bully us, but if we are brave, stand firm and refuse to sign then we can defeat this rotten contract.

We have produced a Pledge Form for members to sign if they wish and I attach our latest report Report for 20 9.11 CJCC on the terms and conditions.

(originally posted 4.10.11)

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