Over 100 Say No to Council’s New Terms and Conditions at Branch Meeting

Over a hundred members crammed into the Council Chamber to discuss the latest developments in the UNISON/GMB/UNITE Campaign to stop these proposals.

The meeting overwhelmingly agreed that UNISON should continue to advise members not to sign up to the voluntary variation document that has recently been sent out.

The meeting also agree that the branch should continue trying to get a formal strike ballot in relation to the Terms and Conditions dispute.

Members heard first hand from residential workers who are being unfairly and disproportionately attacked by the proposals. In an emotional speech one member made it very clear just how serious these attacks are. Low paid members face cuts of anything up o £7000 with an average being around the £2,000 mark.

A report was presented from the branch Report for 29 9.11 Branch Meeting. Please read the report at you leisure and lobby your local councillor (if in Waltham Forest). If you live outside the borough please lobby the councillor for the ward where your workplace is situated.

Members also heard that Haringey have backed down and withdrawn their proposals to cut terms and conditions. We believe that about a quarter of London Councils have or are planning to reduce terms and conditions. We are not aware that any of them are focussing their efforts on the low paid in the way that Waltham Forest are. We also believe that these are currently the most savage attacks on pay, terms and conditions in London.

Attached is a Pledge Form for members who would like to declare their opposition and their intention not to sign up to the new Terms and Conditions. Please get it filled out by employees in your workplace and return it to the branch office.

Remember that the letter we have received is entirely voluntary. If you do not agree to the changes then there is no pressure at the moment to sign up to them. If we stick together we can still win this dispute. It will take some resolve from all our members but let us at least make sure that the Council have to issue dismissal letters in late October / early November. Even then there will be plenty of time to decide what to do. There will be further branch meetings to agree on our tactics moving forward.

Thanks to all of you who came along to the meeting which also discussed the upcoming pensions dispute. The branch will be issuing leaflets, posters and further details very shortly.

(originally posted 4.10.11)

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