Terms and Conditions – email to Councillors

The following email has been sent to Councillors today.  Please help us to keep the pressure up by not signing up to the new contract.

Dear Councillors

You may be aware that Haringey Council have withdrawn their proposals to review their employees’ terms and conditions. We believe that this was due to councillors in Haringey feeling that it would be unhelpful to threaten to dismiss and re-engage their employees. UNISON would also argue that it is sensible business practice to try and keep your employees on board with the organisation. A resentful, unhappy workforce is generally not as efficient as a content workforce. Haringey have probably made the decision in the best interest of their Council. UNISON would suggest to Waltham Forest councillors that they reconsider their position too especially as we are preparing to enter into various shared service arrangements with Haringey. The disharmony that will be caused by workers doing the same work having different terms and conditions can only be a drag on the productivity of any shared services in the future.

In the meantime the Council have sent the attached  documents to all staff working for the Council (the attachment I refer to is the letter all staff have got). As you can see it is pretty clear that you intend to dismiss any worker who does not sign up for the pay cuts. At the same time we would like to remind you that the Chief Officers will be placed on new grades which will potentially increase their salary by up to £20,000. As you know the Head of HR has already had an increase of £8,000 a year since she arrived in August 2010. Ordinary staff have of course suffered a pay freeze and now the lower paid are to receive a pay cut courtesy of the terms and conditions document that the Council are sending out to them.

There is a Cabinet meeting tomorrow night, perhaps you could raise any concerns you might have at that meeting.

We also understand that councillors can call in a decision for further scrutiny if they so wish. We would like to think that there may be one or two councillors who believe that the cutting of the pay of lower paid, front line staff while increasing the pay of Chief Officers is not acceptable for the Council as an employer, especially by employing the Murdoch like tactics of dismissal and re-engagement. If any of you do feel that way please do contact us.

Dave Knight, Branch Secretary

(originally posted 10 October 2011)

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