Response to FAQ’s from management re Terms and Conditions

Members have been calling us about the latest FAQ’s from management. In a deliberate exercise in confusing our members to create anxiety our bullying management have left members confused as to the situation regarding their employment status.

The current offer from management is a voluntary offer. The unions are saying do not sign. There is no compulsion on you to sign at the moment. There is no direct threat to your employment at this time. If you sign now you will be sending a message in legal terms that you are happy with the changes and agreeable to signing for them.

Management have said that they will send dismissal notices to all who do not sign. Some members are concerned about the continuity of service issue. Continuity will not be affected by refusing to sign the current voluntary variation document. In their FAQ’s they say:

“Your continuity of service for all statutory rights and contractual benefits will only be broken if you do not accept the new terms and conditions and so are dismissed with effect from 20th January 2012.”

Please note that continuity of service will not be broken until you are dismissed.

Please pass this on to all UNISON colleagues.

(originally posted 12.10.11)

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