Single Status Signing Sessions Restart

The Council have started to run signing sessions for members who have Single Status Equal Pay compensation offers. Some members have outstanding Equal Pay claims already lodged. If you are one of those people we recommend that you contact the Single Status team and tell them that you cannot sign up as yet as you need to take advice from your union. Please also get in touch with us so we can alert the solicitor.

If you do not have an outstanding claim then you will need to make a decision as to whether you wish to accept the offer or not. We hope a UNISON rep will be present at each of the signing sessions for members to talk over any problems they may have with the offer but it is essentially an offer made to you as an individual and it will ultimately be your decision as to whether you accept the offer or not.

For those of you working in schools it appears there is still some delay in getting the agreement of all the Headteachers with regard to the new grades. I understand that HR are trying to sort that out. We hope to have more news next week.

(originally posted 12.10.11)

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