Terms and Conditions 14 October 2011

As you are aware, the new contract states that there would be an incremental pay freeze until 2015.  This date is wrong. It should read 2014.

We urge you and your colleagues to contact TandCReview@walthamforest.gov.uk
and ask them to send a new letter to your home address. One of our stewards has done this and, after considerable correspondence, they have now agreed to post out a new corrected version.

You may be asked to go and sign the new letter but we suggest you ask that this is posted to your home address in order you to have time to re-read the whole contract.

Please remember not to sign the voluntary variation – it is only fair that you have a correct copy and not the misleading version sent out by our management.

Remember to stay in touch with us.

(originally posted 14.10.11)


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