Formal Response Re Council Re-organisation Phase 10

Dear Martin Esom

Re: UNISON Response to Council Re-organisation Phase 10

At the end of the consultation UNISON had still not been given the names of staff whose posts have been deleted by these proposals.

Adult Social Care
UNISON is concerned at the management proposal to outsource the remodelled service at Trumpington Road, sometime in 2012. Senior management have confirmed that there will be no in house bid for the service when it is tendered next year so Trumpington Road will be first council home to be outsourced. Management are closing May Road to make savings yet proposing extensive building work to Trumpington Road to make it fit for its new purpose, and this will benefit the new provider.

Our members at May Road are very anxious about the future as they face the stress of the home closure and redeployment and will then be faced with a TUPE transfer next year. This may unsettle the staff groups and they may decide to seek employment elsewhere rather than face at least eighteen months of uncertainty about their jobs.

Our members are very concerned about the future capacity for respite when May Road closes as Trumpington will be the only residential unit offering respite in the borough. Management have often informed the Union that the demand for respite in residential units has dropped dramatically in recent years. This is not borne out by our members’ experiences and they are concerned that future demand for respite may not be met due to the reduced capacity in the borough.

In relation to the staffing numbers quoted in the report it appears that there will be a loss of 5.9 FTE Residential Social Worker posts but we have no details of the anticipated number of service users at the remodelled Trumpington Road so cannot comment on the adequacy of the proposed staffing levels. We understand there are no proposed changes to the job descriptions but the two units have different shift patterns so how will these be changed?

Will there be sufficient jobs for all permanent staff currently employed in the two units and will they have assimilation rights? If assimilation is not possible what other options will staff have?

We understand that a small group of service users from May Road will be moving to the Bungalow in August. How will this affect the staffing level in May Road while the remaining service users are moved? What is the proposed start date for the remodelled service?

UNISON is opposed to these changes. We are concerned that respite care is not being given the priority that is required to support families of people who have learning difficulties. We do not believe that demand has fallen. We believe that the criteria changes for respite care and the lack of provision has been falsely portrayed as a fall in demand.

The proposals in this phase are the result of management errors in an earlier phase. UNISON has no comment to make.

Yours Sincerely

Dave Knight, Branch Secretary
(letter dated 30 June 2011)

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