Latest Management Bullying to get you to Sign Their New Contract

A circular memo to managers has come into our possession. It tells managers that they should not try to influence staff into signing the new contract by 21st October but they should tell them that if they do not sign they will receive a notice of dismissal.

It goes on to say that staff who have not signed by January will only be paid 20 days in January and will get no further pay until February. The Chief Executive himself has said there will be NO exceptions and no emergency payments made to those in financial difficulties after Christmas. Reminds me of a Dickensian character called Scrooge.

UNISON’s take on this is that this is just the latest in a long series of management emails, bulletins, FAQ’s and communications designed to bully and intimidate our members into signing up to these new contracts. UNISON still says – do not sign, stand up against the bullying of our councillors and management. Remember that they are attacking the pay and conditions of our lower paid members whilst ensuring that their highest paid earners receive potential pay rises in the future. Let’s not forget that the Director of HR in Waltham Forest, Althea Loderick, the very same person who is signing the letters being sent out to staff received an £11,000 pay rise last year while the rest of us had our pay frozen.

(originally posted 19.10.11)

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