Terms and Conditions – withdrawal of letters signed on the variation to contract

At our UNISON meetings held on Friday 21st October at The William Morris Centre members were advised that they could withdraw their letters signed on the variation to contract.  I attach a covering letter for members who wish to do so. Members have said that they were given false information by management and therefore signed under duress. Since the meeting we have also received advice from ACAS that ALL staff should have received a revised letter showing the correct date of 2014 not 2015 for the incremental pay freeze as they could be affected if they change posts in the next couple of years and this is a legally binding document which needs to be correct.

It was also agreed at the meeting that UNISON would ask UNISON regional office to sanction a ballot agreeing for staff who lose car user allowance to stop using their own vehicles for work from January 23rd 2012.

UNISON advised members that the incremental pay freeze could lead to equal pay claims in the future as staff working alongside colleagues at the top of the pay scale and doing the same work could be earning on average £700 less in the first year and £1500 less than their colleagues in the second year, however this is a long term option.

(originally posted 26.10.11)

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