OVER 1,000 Council employees still not signing

The UNISON “We are not signing” campaign has resulted in there being over a thousand of us still holding out. The branch believes that most of those that have signed did not want to, but were prevented from mentioning any qualms by the Council’s terms for acceptance.

For those that have signed and are unhappy about it you can write to HR asking to withdraw your signature or you can write saying that you have signed because of the threats and bullying that you have endured.

For those of us that haven’t signed we now know the Council intend to sack us on 28th November. We have been misled by management in their previous communications and we are taking legal advice as to whether an employer can sack us from 23rd January 2012 on 28th November 2012.

We are also still looking at further actions we can take. Should car users stop using their cars? Should weekend workers refuse to work weekends? Should shift workers refuse to work shifts? Should we all refuse to do overtime? Should we all appeal?

These questions and more will undoubtedly come up when we discuss the Terms and Conditions at our Branch Meeting at 12 noon in the Council Chamber on Monday 7th November. Make sure you are there. All members are welcome whether you have signed or not. This is a discussion that should be had by as many of our members as possible so please spread the word.

(originally posted 2.11.11)

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