Lobby the Cabinet, 8th November

The Council Cabinet have a meeting on Tuesday 8th
November. They have recently sent us our dismissal notices and this will
provide an opportunity for us to express our disappointment in them at their

We believe that the Dismiss and Re-engagement process is

We believe that attacking the low paid is wrong.

We believe that instructing people to use their own vehicles
for work and then not adequately compensating them for that use is wrong.

We believe that denying employees the incremental pay rises
due to them is wrong.

We believe that paying extravagant monies to consultants
whilst sacking our own staff is wrong.

We believe that protecting and potentially increasing the
chief officers pay is wrong.

…Yet our Council employers are doing all of these things as
well as cutting our services and jobs.

Please encourage all your work colleagues to attend and
let’s see if we can get a good large and vociferous turn-out for this lobby at
Waltham Forest Town Hall on 8th November from 5pm.



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