Branch Meeting backs Industrial Action over Terms and Conditions

Yesterday’s branch meeting was well attended and held a realistic debate about our dispute with our Council employers over the attack on Council workers’ terms and conditions.

First, the meeting agreed to pursue selective strike action. This action could include all of those workers suffering financial losses as a result of the imposed changes to terms and conditions. That list includes Residential homes, Home Care, Facilities Management, Libraries, WFD and Environmental Health. It might also include Homelessness workers, Building Control, Highways, Catering, Early Years, Parking, Benefits and Committee Services.

The branch will be contacting relevant stewards to sort out who will need to be balloted.

The branch will also be launching a voluntary levy on non-striking members to help support those taking action.

Second, the branch agreed to pursue a car user boycott for all members receiving Essential Car User Allowance. Members will need to be balloted and we will be contacting stewards to draw up a list of those members who will need to be balloted on taking this action.

Both disputes will require balloting and we anticipate that the ballot will take place in January 2012 with a view to starting the action in February just after the new contracts are imposed.

The meeting also heard how legal advice from the union had informed us that the Council’s behaviour is legal and that carrying on a No Signing Campaign beyond 25th November is “unsafe”. We do not believe that the Council would refuse signatories after that date but we cannot guarantee that so the meeting reluctantly agreed that we would arrange a date for UNISON members who object to the new contracts to sign up. That date will be 23rd November 2012 at 1pm at Waltham Forest Town Hall.

The meeting also discussed the news that ACAS have approached our Regional Office to ask whether we wanted to use their services. Members at the meeting voted against ACAS intervention at this stage.

(originally posted 9.11.11)

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