Emergency Branch Meeting Friday 11th November

The meeting below was originally intended for schools members but we are also inviting any members who were unable to attend the meeting on Monday. Please pass this on to other members and encourage people to come along particularly if they did not manage to attend on Monday.

A schools members meeting will be held on Friday 11 November at 4.30pm in the Council Chamber at the Town Hall.

This meeting has been called as we need to urgently discuss the employers stance on our Terms &  Conditions.

The employer is determined to make as many people possible sign up to the changes and they are now writing to all school support staff trying to get them to sign up. Even where the governing body’s have said they will not implement the changes the employers are now trying to override them.

We need to meet to discuss our strategy on this matter and what action we intend to take.

We also need volunteers at all work places to speak to their colleagues making sure that they do not sign away their Terms & Conditions

Please make sure that yourselves and as many colleagues as possible attend this meeting as we need a good turn out to show the employer how we feel. and discuss our reply.

Martin Nutt, Schools Convenor

(originally posted 9.11.11)

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