All members of Waltham Forest branch should be taking strike action on 30th November.  Anyone who has access to the Local Government Pension Scheme should be on strike.

Take Action for your Pension , Strike to Defend your Pension , Why We’re Taking Action Today and Protect Our Pensions Campaign leaflets/posters give further information.

A rally is taking place at Walthamstow Town Square at 10am on the 30th.

Key points:

UNISON expects all members who work with employers that use the LGPS to take strike action on 30 November, whether they are personally in the scheme or not. We are fighting to keep our pensions, not only for ourselves but for future generations too. Please support the strike and encourage all your colleagues to join us.

We hope that all workplaces that attempt to open on the day will be picketed. Please let me know if you are organising a picket line so we can ensure that you are provided with materials.

We met with teaching trade unions on Monday and it seems very likely that almost all the schools will be closed for the day. If you are a parent please bring your child(ren) along to the events on 30th November. We hope our rally in Walthamstow and the march in Central London will be family friendly events.

(updated 23.11.11)
(originally posted 16.11.11)

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