Calling All UNISON Nursery Nurses – Meeting 6th December 4pm

Waltham Forest Council is set to attack nursery nurses by opting out of the National Agreement for Nursery Nurses which basically provides them with similar working arrangements to the teachers they work alongside. They currently do a 32.5 hour week for term times only just as a teacher would and are paid as full time all year round workers. Management, in dealing with Single Status, want to change that and place them on term time only contracts that will result in the loss of five to six weeks’ pay per year.

Our members in nurseries will be meeting on Tuesday 6th December at Waltham Forest Town Hall from 4pm in Room 2. If you are a nursery nurse make sure you attend. Please see the attached notice of meeting.

Dave Knight, Branch Secretary

(originally published 30.11.11)

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