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The UNISON Branch Meeting last week was well supported by UNISON members who were in a determined mood. Determined to resist the pernicious and cruel cuts that are being forced upon Councils by the Con Dem government, members agreed a motion that calls for the branch to take action to fight the cuts.

Branch lobby against the cuts

Those actions include:

  1. Supporting the demonstrations and lobbies – there is an Anti – Cuts lobby of Waltham Forest Council on Thursday 16th December starting at 6pm.
  2. Lunchtime Protests in the new year. The UNISON Branch will be arranging a date for this and will send instructions. These protests will be about publicising the unfairness and insanity of the government’s proposals. We hope that all members will join in.
  3. Withdrawing good will – all members should stop doing duties that are outside their job description and/or outside their normal working hours.
  4. Supporting the national TUC demo against the cuts on Saturday 26th March. Make a note in your diary now. This march needs to be massive.
  5. Strike action – the branch officers are to apply to our regional office to apply for a formal industrial action ballot o seek a one day protest strike and further industrial action if needed.

The members who attended the meeting voted overwlmingly for all these proposals. Now we need to make the Fightback happen. If you can help us with leaflet distribution, phone campaigns or any other activities then please contact the branch office.

The full text of the motion is….

MOTION AS AMENDED at the Emergency Branch Meeting on 9 December 2010


This UNISON Branch believes that:

a)      The current economic crisis was caused by the bankers and politicians not the workers and those on benefits.  It is the rich who should pay for the crisis they created.

b)      There should be no more cuts to working people’s jobs, conditions and services.  We should not pay for the bankers’ crisis.

c)      The government should be creating jobs and investing in a sustainable future.

d)     The response of the TU’s in countries like Greece, Spain and France can act as a model of resistance in the UK.

e)      The fight against the cuts will need to involve mass political campaigns and include industrial action when necessary.

f)       The TUC demo on 26 March 2011 must be a priority for all workplaces.

This Union notes:

a)      Waltham Forest Council has chosen to hurry through the Con Dem cuts and set a legal budget

b)      Services such as Careers, Education Welfare, Early years, Cleaning Services, Environment and Regeneration, Youth Offending are all hit hard and are vital services for residents and particularly for vulnerable people in the borough.

c)      The crisis could be met by implementing initiatives to collect this tax that is currently avoided and evaded by the rich and by adopting the Robin Hood Tax.

d)     That millions have been wasted by this Council on the use of consultants.

e)      That attacks on vulnerable groups have already begun.

This Union Branch therefore agrees:

a)      To organise lunchtime protests across the Branch outside all workplaces using the UNISON Million Voices Campaign and the UNISON Alternative Budget

b)      To draft and send out press releases in a concerted press campaign effort and to include photos and articles from members

c)      To work with Waltham Forest Trades Council to link up with other unions fighting cuts; to make contact with local students and service users’; and to support the Waltham Forest Anti-Cuts Union call for a local march to defend services

d)     To urge the Council to set a needs based budget and to stand up in opposition to the cuts being imposed by Central Government

e)      To support the lobby of the full Council on 16th December at 6pm and

f)       To call on the Branch and its officers to arrange for a one day strike to protest at the pernicious cuts proposed by the Council before the planned implementation date for the cuts.  This meeting instructs Branch Officers to request a strike action ballot as a matter of urgency.  The strike day should be proposed for a day that allows for effective protest and/or links in with other trade union activity or other action to fight the cuts.

g)      That, meanwhile, the Branch considers all forms of industrial action, including no cover for vacant posts, working to rule and occupation.

Dave Knight, Branch Secretary

(originally posted 8.12.10)

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