Children and Young People’s Services move to Juniper House

Children and Young People’s Services are moving to Poll Tax House opposite the Central Bus Station. The planned move took place on Thursday 15th. December, except for Russell Road and 604 who will be moving on the 15th. January.

Management are “packing in” this service to save money!

When we looked at the building on 12th December none of the floors were ready for occupancy. Desks were in place but there were no workstations nor telephones.

The reception is small and there will be inevitable overcrowding for service users. There is great concern by staff over the counter, as there is no screen, it is fairly low and narrow and even has a ledge around it that a possible assailant can use to give themselves a “leg up”!

At the time of writing there were still no CCTVs in the meeting and conference rooms.

Car parking is another issue. Admin staff have been told that they cannot park in the car park and that they will need to buy parking permits if they need to use their cars. Many of these people have childcare commitments and therefore need their cars. The parking permits are £470 per time! Again management are attacking the lowest paid workers in the service.

If you are moving to Juniper House let us know of your experiences by e-mailing me at the UNISON office:

George Beattie, Joint Union Convenor Health and Safety

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