Car Users, Weekend Workers and Shift Workers – Prepare for the Ballot

The scandalous and unfair cuts to low paid members terms and conditions and the ridiculous loss of essential car user allowance have left many of our members feeling bitter and angry at their Council employer. UNISON will be balloting members who are directly affected by these unjust and uncalled for changes to their contracts, forced on them by threats of dismissal.

The ballot will be held in early February. Remember to make sure you vote if you were in receipt of essential car user allowance, weekend enhancements and/or shift allowances up to 23rd January.

The ballot will be looking to boycott the use of personal vehicles for Council business and for weekend workers to take strike action on selected Saturdays and Sundays.

It is time for us to protest at the continuing unfair treatment being meted out by the Council who continue to increase and improve the pay of the top earners and hire consultants on very generous terms.

You can see further details on these leaflets Car User Pre-Ballot Leaflet and Premium Payment Pre-Ballot Leaflet.

(originally posted 4.1.12)

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