Branch Ballot Begins Soon

If you are an essential car user or receive weekend and/or shift allowances you should be getting a ballot paper soon.  If you do not get a paper by 2nd February please contact us as the closing date is 7 February.

A formal, official industrial ballot is being sent out to UNISON members in Waltham Forest who are essential car users or who receive weekend and/or shift allowances. The plan is that our essential car users will be able to boycott the use of personal vehicles on Council business and our members who work weekends can take strike action on selected days to protest against the ending of weekend enhancements and shift allowances.

The branch really needs a resounding “Yes” vote to both courses of action.

On the ballot paper, there are two questions one relates to strike action, the other relates to action short of strike action. We need our members to vote “Yes” to both questions so that we can start the action outlined above.

The ballot will end on 7th February 2012 so members will need to vote quickly.

We are arranging to visit sites to speak with the members affected. So far we have the following arranged:

  • Monday 23rd January 12:30pm Mental Health Workers at South Forest Centre
  • Tuesday 24th January 2:30pm Residential Home Workers at Mapleton Road
  • Wednesday 25th January 10:30am Meals on Wheels Workers at Erskine Road
  • Wednesday 25th January 12 noon Children’s Services Workers at Juniper House
  • Wednesday 25th January 2:30pm Residential Homes Workers at Alliston House
  • Thursday 26th January 12 noon Hospital Workers at Whipps Cross Hospital (to be confirmed)
  • Thursday 26th January 2:30pm Residential Homes Workers at George Mason Lodge
  • Friday 27th January 12 noon Adult Services Workers at Gainsford Road (includes Coleridge Road members)

We intend to arrange more meetings and will be contacting stewards to set these up.

Please remember that if you are an essential car user, weekend and/or shift worker you should be balloted.

Please vote Yes to  both questions on the ballot paper.

Dave Knight, Branch Secretary

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