Nursery Nurses and Single Status

Thanks to those of you who turned up to protest on the Town Hall steps on 12 January – it’s a shame that there were not more of us.

Anyway, the meeting with councillors went quite well. Thanks to Jo, Hilary, Janet and Rosemarie who attended the meeting with the other trade union reps. Jo and Hilary both spoke about the situation to the councillors, who I think were quite stunned to hear what they had to say.

There is now a slight chink of light in all this as the HR manager, Gerry Kemble said he would reconsider the weekly working hours being offered and would consider offering the nursery nurse jobs at 36 hours a week. It is not much of a concession and it is by no means guaranteed but it does offer some hope of some mitigation for the losses many of you face.

They said they would come back to us within 2 weeks (by 24th January). In the meantime we would urge all nursery nurses not to sign up to the new contracts and to wait to see if a better offer is forthcoming.

I know that some of you have been able to make some changes through your head teachers and governors. Please do send me the details of any offers made to you that help protect your salaries.

I think that we should probably arrange another meeting for early February just to make check on where we are at and to see whether we have made any progress. Please let me know if you think that is a good idea or not.

Please pass this information on to all UNISON colleagues.

The GMB have asked for our next meeting to be a joint meeting.

I attach the report we put to the CJCC on Tuesday 10 January 2012.

Dave Knight, Branch Secretary

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