IT Training for retired members

Last year, the GL Region Retired Members Committee successfully organised Basic IT training for members.  They held 4 sets of 2 days’ training.  This year they have arranged more training: 14th/15th March, 27th/28th June, 6th/7th September, 7th/8th November.  These will be held in the Training Suite at the new UNISON Centre.  It is and isn’t basic.  Some members know nothing about Word, files, cut and paste, those sort of functions, but do their banking on line!  They have a professional tutor, and Maggie Barr, Secretary to the GL Region Retired Members Committee, helps out as well.  The keyboard and desktop are explained and they cover Word – storing and retrieving files, changing text, cut and paste, getting on the internet, creating an email address (if members don’t have one), saving emails, making files, attachments etc.  As all members are at different stages, help can be given with problems they are experiencing.  Downloading photos from the camera and storing pictures is a popular one.

This training is open to all retired members.  Places are limited to 10 at a time.  Contact if you would like to attend.


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