Residents First, Staff Last

Residents First re-organisation is a shambles – it is affecting the health of many of the staff, especially in libraries. Staff are being forced to alter workplaces, workdays and hours.

This is causing stress and in many cases making existing health problems and disabilities worse!

Staff have been told that they must work every Saturday and /or Sunday. Staff who normally work Monday to Friday 9 to 5 are now working weekends and weekdays 9 to 7.

What happened to the work/life balance policy?

Managers are imposing these conditions on staff but they themselves are not working late nights and weekends!

Also staff working weekends are only being paid flat rate. They are working socially unacceptable days and hours and are financially worse off.

When can staff with families have any sort of home life?

Managers say they will review shift patterns but at this rate there won’t be any staff left to implement them as they will all be off sick. The shortage of staff is causing more work for those who are still left in Residents First and this alone is causing stress and illness.

Management need to get their act together and start thinking about Staff First, you cannot run a service with a stressed out and demoralised workforce. Watch this space!

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