Did you know dyslexia is estimated to affect around 10% of the population, occurs in people of all races, backgrounds and abilities and varies from one person to another?

While people with dyslexia often struggle with analysing information, literacy, numeracy, organisational skills and time management, they also have many strengths such as creativity, intuition, problem solving and ‘big picture’ vision.

Dyslexia continues to be misunderstood in the workplace and there is help available.

Waltham Forest Dyslexia Association provides a screening service for children and adults. For adults who think they might be dyslexic this may be the first step to identifying problems they have experienced throughout their lives.

To arrange a screening contact Angela Brockway who can be contacted on WFDACo-ordinator@outlook.com.  Telephone number: 07852 232 509.   There is a small charge for the service.


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