UNISON Under Attack

If you thought the recent round of attacks on your union where we lost 2 full time members who’s positions have not been replaced, one member’s secondment was finished and the Schools Convenor post  reduced to 2.5 days per week was bad, there is more to come.

We thought that would be a big enough attack on a Union in a year from a supposedly Labour council.  We were wrong!

We have just been told that we will be moving out of this office by the end of the week.  We will probably be going to 313 Billet road E17.  The offices we will be going to are much smaller with difficult parking and are further from most of our members.

Perhaps they don’t want us on site for the Queens Visit on the 29th March in case we embarrass them.  Or it is just a good excuse to get us away from the Town Hall and our members?

Please stay strong and support us in any way you can.

Martin Nutt, Schools Convenor

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