UNISON has written to all the Chief Executives and Council leaders across the land calling on all Council’s to honour the £250 pay rise promised by the Government for all those earning below £21,000 a year back in the 2010 budget. The union is also calling for an end to the attacks on terms and conditions. Obviously our own Waltham Forest Council has been a leader in cutting the pay of the lowest paid workers and this message comes a bit late for our members. However, UNISON does point out how many of our members are living near to the poverty line as a result of the attacks on pay, terms and conditions. Finally the letter asks Councils to identify part time employees who may be affected by the change in conditions for Working Tax Credit and seek to enhance their hours to the new minimum 24 hours per week level

UNISON members are facing the third year of a pay freeze which equates to a pay cut of 15% alone. UNISON rejects the imposed pay freeze with anger and dismay

UNISON has also issued press releases and will be building a pay campaign to resist any further pay freeze next year

The letter that was sent by UNISON is available for members by contacting the UNISON office

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