Still no Internet Access!

Whilst a BT engineer arrived on Monday to install our line, other subsidiary problems have arisen which means we still have no IT access.  We are doing all we can to try to get these issues resolved.  In the meantime we have set up some hotmail accounts as an interim measure – details below:

Julia Poynter
Martin Nutt
Steve Woodhouse
Madeleine Lejeune
Sheila Gobel
George Beattie

Our general office number is: 0208 496 4703

We want to thank all our members for being patient during this difficult time, we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused.  As already stated this is through no fault of our own, the Council moved us at very short notice without any systems in place.

Whist we now have telephone access, please continue to contact the London Regional Office on 0207 535 6650 for membership and application queries.

We will keep you updated of developments.

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