Childrens Centres Under Attack

Following the Government’s decision to end the Sure Start grants for Early Years Child Care the Council’s Childrens Centres are now struggling with funding issues. The Council’s response is to re-organise the centres into a new “hubs and spokes” model. This means grouping the borough’s 17 Children’s Centres into 6 clusters, 5 consisting of three centres and one consisting of two. The changes mean cuts to jobs and pay cuts for many UNISON members working in those Centres. As is usually the case in Waltham Forest some of the higher paid posts get upgraded while it is mainly at the lower paid end that we see the pay cuts and redundancies.

UNISON has been representing members caught up in this latest re-organisation and if you are a UNISON member facing redundancy or a pay cut, please contact the UNISON branch

Dave Knight, Branch Secretary

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