International Visitor to Speak at Workers’ Memorial Day event

Sanjay Verma a visitor from Bhopal, India will be one of those present at  the Workers’ Memorial Day event being held at the top of Walthamstow Market at 12.30pm, on Saturday 28 April to remember the dead and to  continue to fight for the living!

In the UK, each year 1,500 to 1,600 people are killed while doing their  jobs – including those killed on the roads while working. It is estimated  between 20,000 to 50,000 people die each year in GB from work-related diseases – about 5,000 from asbestos diseases alone. Successive governments have repeatedly  said almost all of this is predictable and preventable by employers who still  fail to protect their employees and the general public.

Yet despite this the UK government is attacking those health, safety  and environmental protections we have fought long and hard for – using the cuts  agenda to achieve what big, bad, killer bosses have been screaming for for  years.

There will be an exhibit of empty shoes to represent all those people  who’s lives have been cut short and can’t be with us on the  day.

Relatives of Raymond Holmes who died in 2010 on the Thames Water site in  Coppermilll Lane will be in attendance.  We  will also be remembering Andrezej Rokita, 55, from Poland, who was killed by falling  materials while working at M & M Contracting Ltd., Midland Rd. E10, also in  2010

Sanjay Verma will focus our thoughts on the global aspects of poor  health, safety and environmental protections when he will bring news from  Bhopal, scene of the world’s worst industrial disaster caused by US firm Union  Carbide, now owned by Dow Chemicals. He will explain why we should support the  global campaign to drop Dow from sponsoring the London  Olympics.

Other speakers will include Darren O’Grady, Secretary of Waltham Forest  Trades Council and local trade union campaigner Nancy Taaffe.

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