Council Redundancies Approach 300

The Council recently released their figures in relation to the redundancies that have occurred since the election of the Con Dem Coalition Government. There have been 177 compulsory redundancies and 108 voluntary severances (which are only agreed for employees who face compulsory redundancy). So the Council have let go 285 employees to date. During that same period 51 employees whose jobs were affected by the proposed cuts have left voluntarily.

This is not the end of the story though, with more phases to come. The Council have decided to stop numbering the phases – our guess is that the numbers are an embarrassment to them. Anyway, we are now up to Phase 22 and we continue to highlight the general practise of the Council in maintaining and protecting the jobs of the higher paid senior managers and executives whilst cutting the jobs and pay of lower paid staff. This practise appears to be on-going as senior managers generally now earn more than they did in 2010, while our lower paid staff nearly all earn less as a result of the Council’s Terms and Conditions Review.

On a more positive note, the Council have agreed to pay a minimum of wage equivalent to the London Living Wage for all directly employed staff. The trouble is that it does not make up for the pay freeze and the loss of pay through the Terms and Conditions Review.

UNISON continues to highlight this issue to councillors, but they appear willing to go along with whatever our senior officers suggest, which means that they continue to receive pay rises and protection of their jobs.

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