A Future That Works – TUC Demonstration 20 October 2012

The TUC is to hold a major national demonstration in London on 20th October. It will be under the banner of “A Future That Works”.

Announcing the event, TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said:

“The tide is turning against austerity. We were told that spending cuts were needed to get the economy growing, yet they have driven the UK back into recession. We were told that we were all in it together, yet Mr Cameron’s main purpose at the G8 Summit seemed to be protecting the banks against the growing international support for a Robin Hood Tax – and the last budget’s centrepiece was cutting the 50p tax rate. It is becoming ever clearer that this government does not have the policies – or even much of a commitment – to build a prosperous economy that can generate the jobs and industries we need for the future. Rather than bold policies for investment and growth, the best that ministers can do is half-baked proposals to make it easier to sack people. That is why we expect a huge turnout from the growing numbers that want a future that works. With the USA and France now setting out the alternative, it’s time the UK also changed course.”

UNISON in Waltham Forest will be supporting this demonstration and wants as many of our members to come with us. Please keep an eye on this web site for details closer to the time.


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