LBWF and the Town Hall asbestos: from today’s Private Eye (no.1319 27/07-09/08)

UNISON members who work at the Town Hall may have been alarmed by the stories in the local press that suggest the Council has discovered that it’s archive is contaminated by asbestos dust. These archives are in the Town Hall basement. UNISON advises all members who work at the Town Hall to visit their GP to register that they may have been exposed to asbestos in the course of their work. A leaflet is attached giving further information on this. It is our view that if the files have to be destroyed because they are contaminated then it is likely that there have been unacceptable levels of asbestos dust in the Town Hall building. It is not our intention to scare monger and UNISON has been informed by HR that the levels of asbestos dust in the town hall are not dangerous, we still think that it is important to advise our members to register the possibility of exposure.

The whole asbestos shenanigans has given Private Eye further opportunity to show our Council in a poor light and it is obviously really disconcerting that our Council appears to lurch from one blunder to another, but given that the Council’s senior management team has a number of self- employed consultants it comes as no surprise that money goes missing and staff safety is neglected. UNISON continues to argue for change in the way this Council runs but our Councillors are not prepared to listen and have ceased all direct communication with the trade unions.

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