Waltham Forest Says ‘No’ to Fascists

What a great day Saturday 1st September was, a wonderful celebration of unity across the entire borough and the EDL totally demoralised. There was a good trade union presence on the march, with several banners including ours at the forefront of the sit down at Bell Corner. We are very proud to have been part of the superb We Are Waltham Forest campaign. The unity displayed on the march can provide a strong platform for the struggles ahead. The Trade Council have updated their website with a report from the day and some great pictures by Mick Holder. If anyone would like to use these images, then please contact Mick directly for approval.

The mood of the march and the protest was one of pride in our diverse and vibrant borough and provided a resounding rejection of the fascist EDL and all that they stand for.

UNISON in Waltham Forest is proud to have taken part in what was a great day for Waltham Forest and all of our community.

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