Local Government Pay Claim – UNISON wants to know what you think

UNISON proposes to put the attached claim to the National Joint Council. Essentially UNISON is arguing for a substantial pay rise but there are no specific amounts or percentages given in the documentation.

As you will all be aware we have had our pay frozen for the last three years and we are now in our fourth year of receiving no cost of living increase in pay whilst the cost of living has increased. The cumulative effect of this is that our pay has fallen in value by 13%. On top of that Waltham Forest Council have cut many of our members’ pay even further with their terms and conditions review, leaving Waltham Forest Council workers amongst the lowest paid in London.

The claim is quite detailed but is worth reading as it does make clear just how badly local government workers have been hit by this government’s austerity programme.

UNISON is now asking branches to tell them how many members support and how many reject the following question:

Do you agree with the proposal that the pay claim for 2013/14 should be for:

A substantial flat rate increase on all scale points as a step towards the longer term objective of restoring pay levels and achieving the Living Wage as the bottom NJC spinal column point.

The branch is asking that our reps arrange workplace meetings for all UNISON members to discuss this claim. Please attend the meeting in your work area and take part in the discussion about our pay claim. Each individual member’s vote will be counted so that the branch can give UNISON the numbers who voted “Yes” and those that voted “No”. If your meeting votes “No” then please let us know why that is.

Your rep will need to report the result back to the branch office before the closing date 12 noon on Friday 14th September.

If your rep cannot hold a workplace meeting, we have asked that they arrange to ask members their view by email and send us the result. You can also email us individually to tell us what you think of the claim and to register your vote. Please write “Pay Claim” in the subject line.

We do need to send in a good positive result if we want UNISON to launch a serious pay campaign next year. So please do your best to make sure that your opinion is part of the branch return.

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